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Molecular mechanisms of functional disorder induced by mercury

Molecular mechanisms of functional disorder induced by mercury

Cell can undergo a signal response which broadly classified as death and/or survival signal when insulted by toxicants. Each organ has its own critical limit, regulated by the preprogrammed signaling system. Metal exposure in our daily life occurs through natural sources like food, or water. The liver is an essential detoxcificant that forms an important barrier b/w the gastrointestinal blood, containing large amounts of toxins and antigens. 

Mercury is an element that occurs naturally in the environment usually in combination with other elements as Mercury compounds or salts. Mercury is present in toothpaste, mascara, lipstick, sindore, painting materials which pose a risk of toxicity to humans at chronic low concentration. Considering the dearth of information on the nature of cytotoxicity of low concentration of Mercury, the present book has revealed the cytotoxicity responses in rat hepatocytes at a low level of exposure.

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