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ObaidRao Jan 4

What are the GST rates for gold rings and other fashionable products for women? I need to searching the make-up products like lipstick, eye color pencils etc. It is getting some rate of price. I need to know the GST rates for those products. My sister need the buy the products in online. I am searching some of things as natural for the skin. I need your thoughts and reviews about using those types of products. Next week my sister will get engagement function. We need to collect some makeup things and jewelries. I need the beautiful designs and new models also.

Did you know the GST rate for jewelries and other wedding things? I am getting some of features and important nature of points from online friends. GST news and updates are available in my mail box. I have collect those types of news from my friends. They are working is software business and given some instructions about the GST plans. I am visiting the GST portal website and it is getting different types of options to fill out. But i cannot be getting the rates for the products. I need the required details here.

How to find the information in those pages? Please tell me the process for searching that matters. I am trying to taken HSN codes for the each state. If you got it already means given me as sample here. I am in online shopping website. It is getting only price. Not getting the GST percentage for the products. Then how can i check the rates? I have chosen the best and new models for my sister. If you have getting experience in buying jewelry in online? Please guide me here. I am getting confusion about choose the best website for collect the new designs

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