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maud perez
maud perez May 5
Organa Keto Even more interesting things happen in the long run. If you approach the issue of diet is very responsible, i.e. cut your diet, increase physical activity, take diuretics and drink a little liquid in a week can lose 3 5 kg. Inspiring such a pace of the diet will soon end quickly, because water balance will level out. The body will acquire water and the kilograms will first cease to go away plateau effect, and later the weight may begin to grow at all. VISUAL EFFECT OF WATER BALANCE ON WEIGHT LOSS Despite the fact that the weight can stand or cross up, continuing to maintain a limited calorie you will still lose fat. Over time, the arrows on the scales will show it. This important conclusion gives an understanding and develops the right attitude to diets. This also applies to the classic situation when the hungry week of the diet is not something that does not bring results, but also gives an increase on the scales. Especially emotional girls who daily monitor their weight   this can have a destructive effect. And more about girls. Due to gender differences, there is a specific water balance due to menstruation. During the period of a full monthly cycle, the volume of water retained in the female body can be very large. Undoubtedly, this will contribute to the rate of weight loss during the diet. Approach to expectations should be given this fact. Weight changes can ideally be monitored once a month on the same specific day of the cycle. Then the picture will be clearer. Conclusion Water balances in the human body plays an absolutely important role. The mechanism of its hidden influence on the management of its weight is especially valuable for those who are engaged in the transformation of their body. I hope, thanks to this article, you will have more understanding in this matter. Thesis about the important the division of carbohydrates into fast and slow was born for a long time in medical practice. Clinical nutrition and therapeutic diets for diabetics are mainly composed of slow carbohydrates, which allow you to feel more satiated and, as a result, less mobilize insulin, as opposed to fast carbohydrates. All this smoothly flowed into the fitness area and was used to build weight loss diets. Surely, you have heard similar statements: eat more slow carbohydrates, give up fast ones.


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