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Kavita Devgan is an eminent writer, nutritionist and weight management consultant who propagates practical, effective and delicious ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. She is a much-read health columnist with the country’s premier media groups and is a prolific and feted speaker too.Her first book Don’t Diet! 50 habits of thin people is a bestseller was released in 2016. It’s Korean, Australian and New Zealand rights have already been sold. Her second title: Ultimate Grandmother Hacks: 50 Kickass Traditional Habits for a Fitter you released in September.

Something about me that many people are not aware of…

That I am a big fan of non structured exercise; I go up and down the stairs (as often as I can), walk over to buy even one single item of grocery at every opportunity, and like to walk alone (as thats when the best of the ideas come to me.

What draws me to the magical world of writing…

The fact that I can through my writing take my idea and the rules of healthy living (that I believe work) and also the latest researches in the field to thousands of people at  one go is a huge motivator. And the thrill of seeming my byline… that is unparalleled. Yes even after so many years of writing.

What sparked off the idea for the latest book…

Ultimate Grandmother hacks is a compilation of habits that I have grown up with and consider super healthy. The book compiles time-tested food habits to help us develop a cohesive healthy lifestyle and rediscover the joy in eating. It lists the many nuggets of wisdom and discusses the various foods and habits that our parents and grandparents followed that are still relevant today. I basically did not want us and the next generations to forget them, hence the book. That was the motivation behind the book.

What comes to rescue when faced with the notorious "Writer’s Block”?

I stop writing, take a break and begin reading…. Read, read and read some more… books of varied genres… this refreshes me, and always, always works.

How important is the commercial side of writing and promoting your book as opposed to the sheer joy of the creative art of expression?

Very important. There is no escaping it. After two books I know that well. After all when you have written something, you want the world to read it. So you just have to promote it. I am not writing just for myself. I already know my own ideas

Golden advice of wisdom, for new writers …

I can only dole out advice about my genre of writing - health. This is like any other niche genre of writing, the only thing different is that it  takes a lot of research if you want to attempt writing in this genre so be sure you have a huge reservoir of patience. Also the responsibility is huge, never forget that. After all what you write will shape peoples perception about health.  

If you are an aspiring writer be ready for multiple challenges, overtime you'll think you have arrived, a new challenge will show up. So polish your ability to think on your feet so to say, keep reinventing yourself, stay positive, patient, brush up your people and networking skills, carve out a niche for yourself (either in terms of writing style, or subject matter expertise) and most importantly be so good at what you do that editors and people keep coming back to you for stories.  

If marooned on an island with just one book, it would be…

Maybe Vikram Seth’s A suitable Boy. Its sheer size stops me from reading it And yes one book by Bill Bryson too. I love his writing.

If I am not a writer…

I am already straddling two boats - as a practicing weight management consultant, and a writer, and love both with equal passion. If I could add one more skill and be one more thing… then that would probably be a psychologist.

My book is and my personal experiences…

I believe like fiction writers, non faction writers too tend to write about things they are familiar with. This is why the first book Don’t Diet! 50 habits of thin people was actually a compilation of the lessons I had learnt from my patients during my practice. And Ultimate Grandmother Hacks also has a lot of my life learnings.

Other genres I like to explore…

Besides self help, writing short stories and poetry excites me.

My future projects…

I was always writing, ever since I remember. In fact earlier it was mostly fiction (short stories, poetry etc). When I had my baby and took a break from practice for a year, I began writing more regularly and somehow by then as I had subject matter expertise plus lots and lots of practical experience via the people I had counselled for health gain and weight loss, so I began writing in the health genre and luckily found many takers in the media for it. That’s how both my books have been in this genre. Next project… well I am writing my next book… and aiming for it to be out in 2019… but it is too early to talk about it.

A brief extract from your latest book ...

Eat with hands

For me the tactile pleasure that I derive when eating with my fingers (there aren’t too many who follow this anymore sadly) enthrals me every time.

It seems there is more to this age old way of eating then just pleasure.  Science too is now coming round to the fact that it is far healthier to eat with our hand as it is good for our digestion. 

When we pick the food with our hands, the brain signals our stomach that we are about to eat, which then readies itself to digest the food it will receive. 

Also when we eat with our hands we usually join our fingers and thumb to eat. This is actually a mudra that helps heal the body. Imagine unwittingly doing it three times every day. 

Finally eating with hand requires us to pay attention to what we are eating; it is not as mechanical as eating with a spoon and a fork, and it also helps slow us down a bit which is a far better way to eat.

So for the next meal, look at the food properly, keep the cutlery aside and eat with your hands. This meal will give you unparalleled satisfaction and happiness.

Something about me that not many people are aware of. 

Hello, it’s my pleasure to talk to you. My name is Khushi Saifi and my native is in Hapur U.P. These days I'm living in UAE with my husband. I have done my post-graduation from C.C.S. University, Meerut. I am ambitious and a simple girl. My father has his own business and my loving & so caring mother is a housewife.


The moment when my heart said: “I want to be a writer!” 

That moment was very confusing for me because I was not sure whether I could do it. I never shared my views with anyone. After publishing one or two short stories on an online platform, my self-confidence grew, and I went ahead. Then my heart said “yes, I want to be a writer” 


Golden advice of wisdom, for new writers: 

I’m still learning, what can I say about it? Well, I would like to say, find out your inner specialty. In every person there is hidden uniqueness and specificity that can bring you heights of success. 


My publishing journey… Smooth or bumpy 

My publishing journey was very good. I have written the stories in my personal note book. One day I hear about online publishing then I thought to publish my story. I had published my first short story on an online platform. Through this platform I got positive reviews from the readers and one by one I had published short stories according to readers demand. After that I thought to publish my stories in paperback form. one day “Jack the Clock Rider” story came in my mind and I started it as a mission. Jack was not complete yet then I came to know about sooraj pocket books publication and I approached to them, being a part for this publication I feel like a big and supportive family. So, my publishing journey was very smooth. 


The genie which an author from the past or present would I like to become…

I would like to be my favorite Writer Munshi Prem Chand because I love his writing and story narration style. When I read his stories, I feels like a part or character of the story, so I would like to be Munshi Prem Chand. 


If you were not a writer…

If I were not a writer, then I think I would like to be a professional storyteller or teacher. 


My support group … 

Yes, my family, friends and my relatives, everyone support me for my passion. 


Other genres I like to explore… 

I would like to explore horror, social and drama fiction. 


My future projects…

These days, I am working on a sci-fi story, I don’t know how much Justice I would do with this story because I was not a science student but still, I want to do new things with my writing or passion. After that I will start second part of ‘jack the clock rider’ on the demand on readers. 


My other passions… 

Aside from writing, I like Storytelling, reading and cooking new tasty recipes. 


My writing and society… 

I tried to convey a positive message to society in my drama fiction. If you will read my stories you will find the message in it. For example, I wrote '498-A ke shikari' in this story I tried to show that how some women are misusing article 498-A. 


A brief extract of my latest book…. 

My latest book is Jack the Clock Rider, and it’s a fantasy story. In this story Jack is a teenage boy searching for his father. Jack's father, professor Cain disappears mysteriously after a strange accident in his secret laboratory. In all that Jack found a Cristal and only that Cristal can open the door of the secret world which is placed in a hidden clock and that new world differs completely from our world. Then Jack starts a journey in the mysterious world with his friend Kristeen. Jack the Clock Rider Story is full of magic and adventure. Jack the Clock Rider is available on Amazon in Hindi & English both languages. 

In last I would like to say to my readers that only a writer exists by readers so please be connected and Always keep reading. Be happy and stay blessed. And off course don’t forget to read my book “Jack The Clock Rider”. Also, I’m waiting for your reviews on Amazon. I wholeheartedly thank you for reading my interview.

Jack The Clock Rider (Hindi)



Jack The Clock Rider (English)



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 Something about Deepak that not many people are aware of. 


I am Deepak Kumar Pandey, I am from a very small District “ Basti( U.P). what I was before few month back most of people know but what am I now, that is something Interesting that most of people know nowdays, Before that it was just a hidden dream inside me and even I was not much aware of it. When I was in my college I used to write my daily life and I had never thought that I will be a Autour in coming time. So people were very much shocked when I revealed my first book releasing date. So I am going to share my story that how I made myself from a normal boy into Author. One day I was checking some book in E-commerce site and all of sudden I started thinking about book publishing and stared research on it. I had searched so many online Publisher website and I had requested one call back from “Evincepub Publishing” and soon I got call back . Mr.Akash was on call ,who helped me a lot to make my Dream into Reality. I hope people don’t know that interesting story about me.


What sparked off the idea for his latest book? 

What I believe that if you are already published your book and working on your upcoming book, so reader always matters . Their love, support ,feedback about your book makes you more motivate to write your next book.

When I published my first book “A Journey : Steps to success”. I got so many lovely response and support from my friends ,colleague ,family. My book successfully delivered in more than 13 cities in India. I got so many request from North India that Kindly publish this book in Hindi language also. So I started to work on it and it will be release in 1st Jan 2018.


The moment when his heart said to him: “I want to be a writer!” 

From my childhood I am very much fond of two things, one is reading book and second I like to travel new city.

So I started to read motivation book when I was in my college second year .So First Book I read “Question are the Answer” by Allen Pledge. I was so motivated myself, after that I read so many motivational books. This was the time when I changed a lot in term of the way of thinking ,Imagination. I started to make my dream list and so and so ...Some bad time came  in my professional career and I was unemployed at that time so I thought that I will try to write my autobiography and started research on it. How to publish a book?. As I mentioned in my previous, I had requested call back to “Envicup Publishing” and One of team member from Envicup Publishing called and informed me the complete procedure to publish a book. Finally I have started working on my First Book. After so many effort and with the help of my Publication we decided to release my book on 6-Sep-2018. 


If he marooned on an island with just one book, which would it be and why? 

If you are fond of reading books that would never make you feel alone. Your book will be your very good friend always .

I like to read motivational book so I will choose “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” written by Robert .T. Kouski.

Why I like this Book because this book have story with knowledge so we can enjoy both Fiction as well as non-fiction in single book.

When I started to reading this book I can able to relate this book to me as well and read this book in both language Hindi and English.

When ever I read this book again I am getting something new which I had not noticed earlier and I learn again  . Each and every word have meaning in this book. So I will choose this book in this Circumstances.


His publishing journey, smooth or bumpy? 

Journey was not much easy as I thought so when I discussed with my publisher and we had final the deal .So I told to my one of room mate about this. So he started laughing at me and I was bit nervous but I never stopped myself to write my book. Due to delay from my end releasing date got postponed twice. So some of my friend thought that just I am pranking by creating such banner with the help of some photo editor. Even when got book released, the same day one of my friend asked 

“What is this bro ? is it real or photo editing in facebook .

From all tough time, Finally time came to smile and I released my first book “A journey : Steps to success” on 6-Sep-2018.

This is how my publishing journey was.

Role his native city play in shaping his writings? 

Of course , my Native place had played  very important role in my writing skill. I am from  very small district so I had seen so many struggle in my life.  From my childhood itself, I had seen so many person’s tough time in my Native . I had seen so many struggle and difference between city and village people. when I started my college life so I had learn so many lesson . As , I am from very small district so I had always dream to explore so many cities I had travelled a lot after my college . I gained so much experience from my native and that  plays an important role in my life.

If not a writer, he may...

If  I were not a writer , I would have been normal employee of any company where just I have to work 9:00am- 6:00pm and 2 hour every day I have to travel in bus every day . I have not chosen writing for me . It is my ambition and passion to write something good where I can help for my Country .I can help my Society. I can break the border for those coming generation who are not able to see dream because of their poverty.

Writer gives a shape to  their imagination I would like to say for all writers. 

From a writer pen’s :

Your pen is your Employee,

Your words are your investment,

Your book is your company and 

You are the boss of your company.


His support group like family, friends or colleagues who believe in his passion for writing?


Before releasing my book ., I have not shared about my book to anyone .so I did not get any support from my friend before my bool release . But once date was disclosed on social media (Facebook). Everyone was very much supportive with me . my friend placed an order with same releasing date . I had got 4 orders in same releasing day. Some of my friend were surprised but they were very much supportive with me . some of my friend had put status for my book link. Some of my friend shared my book link in whats App group. I have friends from in every part of India. It had played veryimportant role for my book. I am very much obliged to my friends for such kind of support.>>


His other passions 

Apart from my writing , I like reading too. I like to read mostly non-fiction books. I am very much fond of travelling , I prefer to visit Mountains , Hills , and green places more . I had visited so many place in North- India and South India.

I like to meet new people also to understand them,their challenges,struggle and their experiences  inlife.

I like to help poor people. It’s also one of my dream to do something for poor people and I will do for sure .

I also like music and musical instruments like Guitar. I don’t know that how to play Guitar but I will love to learn playing Guitar.



His writing and the society  

I will tell you one basic thing. your success is not just your success. When you do somethingbig,something different. Directly or Indirectly, you influence people by your achievements .you enhance the probability to find people’s hidden talent. You are giving reason to someone to live their dreamy life. You are giving exists example for those who struggling to get success in his life.

It’s second part that what other will think. Think for those people ,who feel proud on you , who feel happy for you.

Behind you ,thousands of hope is there with you to see your Happiness,success and joy.

Don’t let them Hopeless .Create a path where people love to walk , people like to follow.

One person is inside you with tremendous talent,with unstoppable potential. Find yourself that inside who you are ? and let them find others also. They need leaders. They don’t want to be manage. They want to be lead by great leader.

To get success Neither any shortcut are ,nor any straight way.

“Success is not a gift or a legacy which can be gifted by someone or can be leave for you.

You have fight for that and you have to achieve it.

If he lead his imagination.

I feel that without imagination, writers will be incomplete. So I do agree with Imagination power and I lead my imagination according to me. we should have control on our imagination. I have learned that imagination is far more valuable than reality & here are a few reasons why. As adultswe have been forced into a world of responsibility and practicality where money, bills, and jobs (many of which we hate) dictate how we live, breathe, and experience the world. Dreaming of what can be allows us to tap into our imaginations again, reminding us what it feels like to be passionate about something.

It’s long been said that ‘thoughts become things’ and our imaginative muscle is the very thing that helps make that possible. When we stay immersed in what is directly in front of us at all times (i.e. our current reality), we continually create the same challenges, problems, and experiences over and over again. But, when we venture into our imagination to focus on the reality that we want to experience, the energy is set in motion and magnificent change can occur.

And as Albert Einstein so eloquently stated:-“Imagination is everything. It is the preview for life’s coming attractions.”

A brief extract from his latest book

Hey Reades, I am very much thankful to you that you have taken time to read my interview from your busy schedule.Myreaders are my backbone for my passion. My readers are catalyst for me who motivate me to write something new,something good every time . I working on my new latest book “एकसफर:सफलताकीओर” . It will be out soon for my readers.

This book istranslation of my first book.Some of readershad requested to launch in HindiLanguage. So I am releasing coming January month inHindi Language .Inthis book , you can enjoy motivational Quote and Inspirational story inHindi Language.

Book your Copy :- 

Kindly call on thisnumber : +91 9449969263
Rs.101 +60 (Including delivery charge in All over India).

Get it at a Discounted Price from Evincepub Store: 

Author page: https://www.evincepub.com/store/authors/author-deepak-kumar-pandey.html

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