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Something about me that not many people are aware of. 

Hello, it’s my pleasure to talk to you. My name is Khushi Saifi and my native is in Hapur U.P. These days I'm living in UAE with my husband. I have done my post-graduation from C.C.S. University, Meerut. I am ambitious and a simple girl. My father has his own business and my loving & so caring mother is a housewife.


The moment when my heart said: “I want to be a writer!” 

That moment was very confusing for me because I was not sure whether I could do it. I never shared my views with anyone. After publishing one or two short stories on an online platform, my self-confidence grew, and I went ahead. Then my heart said “yes, I want to be a writer” 


Golden advice of wisdom, for new writers: 

I’m still learning, what can I say about it? Well, I would like to say, find out your inner specialty. In every person there is hidden uniqueness and specificity that can bring you heights of success. 


My publishing journey… Smooth or bumpy 

My publishing journey was very good. I have written the stories in my personal note book. One day I hear about online publishing then I thought to publish my story. I had published my first short story on an online platform. Through this platform I got positive reviews from the readers and one by one I had published short stories according to readers demand. After that I thought to publish my stories in paperback form. one day “Jack the Clock Rider” story came in my mind and I started it as a mission. Jack was not complete yet then I came to know about sooraj pocket books publication and I approached to them, being a part for this publication I feel like a big and supportive family. So, my publishing journey was very smooth. 


The genie which an author from the past or present would I like to become…

I would like to be my favorite Writer Munshi Prem Chand because I love his writing and story narration style. When I read his stories, I feels like a part or character of the story, so I would like to be Munshi Prem Chand. 


If you were not a writer…

If I were not a writer, then I think I would like to be a professional storyteller or teacher. 


My support group … 

Yes, my family, friends and my relatives, everyone support me for my passion. 


Other genres I like to explore… 

I would like to explore horror, social and drama fiction. 


My future projects…

These days, I am working on a sci-fi story, I don’t know how much Justice I would do with this story because I was not a science student but still, I want to do new things with my writing or passion. After that I will start second part of ‘jack the clock rider’ on the demand on readers. 


My other passions… 

Aside from writing, I like Storytelling, reading and cooking new tasty recipes. 


My writing and society… 

I tried to convey a positive message to society in my drama fiction. If you will read my stories you will find the message in it. For example, I wrote '498-A ke shikari' in this story I tried to show that how some women are misusing article 498-A. 


A brief extract of my latest book…. 

My latest book is Jack the Clock Rider, and it’s a fantasy story. In this story Jack is a teenage boy searching for his father. Jack's father, professor Cain disappears mysteriously after a strange accident in his secret laboratory. In all that Jack found a Cristal and only that Cristal can open the door of the secret world which is placed in a hidden clock and that new world differs completely from our world. Then Jack starts a journey in the mysterious world with his friend Kristeen. Jack the Clock Rider Story is full of magic and adventure. Jack the Clock Rider is available on Amazon in Hindi & English both languages. 

In last I would like to say to my readers that only a writer exists by readers so please be connected and Always keep reading. Be happy and stay blessed. And off course don’t forget to read my book “Jack The Clock Rider”. Also, I’m waiting for your reviews on Amazon. I wholeheartedly thank you for reading my interview.

Jack The Clock Rider (Hindi)



Jack The Clock Rider (English)



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